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French Ice-cream

French Ice-cream

1 pint of milk.
1 cup of cream.
1 cup of sugar.
4 eggs.
1 tablespoonful vanilla.
1 saltspoonful of salt.

Put the milk on the fire and let it just scald or wrinkle.

Beat the yolks of the eggs, put in the sugar, and beat again; then pour the hot milk into these slowly, and the salt, and put it on the fire in the double boiler and let it cook to a nice thick cream. (This is a plain boiled custard, such as you made for floating island.)

Take it off and let it cool while you beat the whites of the eggs stiff, and then the cup of cream.  Put the eggs in first lightly when the custard is entirely cold, and then the whipped cream last, and the vanilla, and freeze.

Coffee Ice-cream

Make either of these creams, and flavor with half a cup of strong coffee in place of vanilla.


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