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Vanilla Parfait

The Easiest Ice-cream of All--Vanilla Parfait

1 cup of sugar.
1 cup of water.
Whites of three eggs.
1 pint of cream.
1 teaspoonful vanilla.

Put the sugar and water in a nice enameled saucepan and cook it without stirring. You must shake the pan often to prevent its burning, but if you stir it, it will make it sugary.

After about five minutes hold your spoon up in the air and drop one drop back into the saucepan; if a little thread is made which blows off to one side, it is done, but if not you must cook till it does.  If your fire is very hot it may make the thread in less time, so try it every few moments.

Have the whites of your eggs beaten very stiff, and slowly pour the syrup into them, beating hard with a fork all the time. You must keep on beating till this is cold. 

Have ready a pint of thick cream, whipped very stiff, either with a Dover egg-beater, or in a little tin cream- churn, and when the egg is cold, mix the two lightly and put in the vanilla.

If you have a mould with a tight cover, put it in this, but if not, take a lard-pail; cover tightly, and stand in a pail on a layer of ice and salt, mixed just as for freezing ice-cream, and pile more ice and salt all over it, the more the better.

Let this stand five hours, or four will do, if necessary, and turn the cream on a pretty dish. After you have made this once it will seem no trouble at all to make it.

If your mother would like a change from this recipe sometimes, try putting in the yolks of the eggs, well beaten, with the cream, and use some other flavoring.

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