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Peas -n- Carrots

Flavored Ice-cream

Chocolate Ice-cream

Make plain ice-cream; melt two squares of chocolate in a little saucer over the teakettle. Mix a little of the milk or cream with this, and stir it smooth, and then put it in with the rest.  You will need to use a large cup of sugar instead of a small one in making this, as the chocolate is not sweetened.

Peach Ice-cream

Peel, cut up, and mash a cup of peaches. Make plain ice-cream, with a large cup of sugar, and when it is cold stir in the peaches and freeze.

Strawberry Ice-cream

Mix a large cup of berries, mashed and strained carefully so that there are no seeds, with the ice-cream, and freeze.





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Ice Creams and Ices

French Ice-cream
Flavored Ice-cream
Vanilla Parfait
Flavored Ices
Peach Surprise