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Pressed Chicken

Pressed Chicken

This was one of the things Margaret liked to make for Sunday night supper.

Have a good-sized chicken cut up, and wipe each piece with a clean, damp cloth. Put them in a kettle or deep saucepan and cover with cold water, and cook very slowly and gently, covered, till the meat falls off the bones.

When it begins to grow tender, put in a half teaspoonful of salt.

Take it out, and cut it up in nice, even pieces, and put all the bones back into the kettle, and let them cook till there is only about a pint and a half of broth.

Add a little more salt, and a sprinkling of pepper, and strain this through a jelly bag.

Mix it with the chicken, and put them both into a bread tin, and when cold put on ice over night. After it has stood for an hour, put a weight on it, to make it firm.

Slice with a very sharp knife, and put on a platter with parsley all around. This is a nice luncheon dish for a summer day, as well as a supper dish.













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