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Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup

1 can tomatoes, or 1 quart of fresh stewed ones.
1 pint of stock. (You can use water instead in this soup, if necessary.)
1/4 teaspoonful soda.
1 tablespoonful of butter.
2 tablespoonfuls of flour.
1 teaspoonful of sugar.
1 small onion, cut up.
1 sprig of parsley.
1 bay-leaf.
1 small teaspoonful of salt.
3 shakes of pepper.

Put the tomatoes into a saucepan with the parsley, onion, bay-leaf, and stock, or water, and cook fifteen minutes, and then strain through a sieve.

Wash the saucepan and put the tomatoes back in it, and put on to boil again; melt the butter, rub smooth with the flour, and put into the soup while it boils, and stir till it is perfectly smooth. T

hen add the sugar, salt, and pepper and soda, and strain into the hot tureen.

Serve croutons with this soup.













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