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Yolk of 1 egg.
1/2 cup of olive-oil.
1 tablespoonful of lemon juice or vinegar.
1/2 teaspoonful of salt.
Pinch of red pepper.

Put the yolk of the egg into a very cold bowl; it is better to put the bowl, the egg, the oil, and the beater all on the ice a half-hour before you need them, for then the mayonnaise comes quicker. 

With a Dover egg-beater beat till the yolk is very light indeed; then have some one else begin to put in the oil, one drop at a time, till the mayonnaise becomes so thick it is difficult to turn the beater; then put in a drop or two of lemon or vinegar, and this will thin it so you can use the oil again; keep on doing this till you have nearly a cup of the dressing; if you need more oil than the rule calls for, use it, and toward the last add it two or three drops at a time.

When you have enough, and it is stiff enough, put in the pepper and salt and it is done.

Never use mustard except with lobster, as this will spoil the taste.

Some salads, especially fruit and vegetable, need very thick mayonnaise, and then it is better to make it with lemon juice, while a fish salad, or one to use with meats, may be thinner, and then the vinegar will do; the lemon juice makes it thick.

Always taste it before using it, to see if it is just right, and, if not, put in more salt, or whatever it needs. You will soon learn.

Most people think mayonnaise is very difficult to make, but, really, it is as easy as baking potatoes, after you have once learned how.

Every salad given before is just as nice with mayonnaise as with French dressing, and you can try each one both ways; then there are these, which are better with mayonnaise.


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