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Lemon Jelly

1/2 box gelatine.
1/2 cup cold water.
2 cups boiling water.
1 cup sugar.
Juice of three lemons, and three scrapings of the yellow rind.

Put the gelatine into the cold water and soak one hour. Put the boiling water, the sugar, and the scrapings of the peel on the fire, and still till the sugar dissolves. Take it off the fire and stir in the gelatine, and mix till this is dissolved; when it is partly cool, turn in the lemon juice and strain through a flannel bag dipped in water and wrung dry. Put in a pretty mould.

Orange Jelly

Make this exactly as you did the lemon jelly, only instead of taking the juice of three lemons, take the juice of two oranges and one lemon, and scrape the orange peel instead of the lemon peel.

Whipped cream is nicer with either of these jellies.

Prune Jelly

Wash well a cup of prunes, and cover them with cold water and soak overnight. In the morning put them on the fire in the same water, and simmer till so tender that the stones will slip out. Cut each prune in two and sprinkle with sugar as you lay them in the mould; pour over them lemon jelly made by the recipe above, and put on ice.  Turn out on a pretty dish, and put whipped cream around.

Sometimes Margaret colored lemon jelly with red raspberry juice, and piled sugared raspberries around the mould. Lemon jelly is one of the best things to put things with; peaches may be used instead of prunes, in that rule, or strawberries, with plenty of sugar, or bits of pineapple.

Fruit Jelly

Make a plain lemon jelly, as before. Cut up very thin two oranges, one banana, six figs, and a handful of white grapes, which you have seeded, and sweeten them. Put in a mould and pour in the jelly; as it begins to grow firm you can gently lift the fruit from the bottom once or twice.

You can also fill the mould quite full of fruit, and make only half the jelly and pour over. Whipped cream is nice to eat with this.

Coffee Jelly

1/2 box of gelatine.
1/2 cup of cold water.
1 pint strong hot coffee.
3/4 cup sugar.
1/2 pint boiling water.

Put the gelatine in the cold water and soak two minutes, and pour over it the coffee, boiling hot. When it is dissolved, put in the sugar and boiling water and strain; put in little individual moulds, and turn out with whipped cream under each one. Or, set in a large mould, and have whipped cream around it.

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