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Floating Island

Floating Island

1 pint milk.
3 eggs.
One-third cup of sugar.

Put the milk on the stove to heat in a good-sized pan.

Beat the whites of the eggs very stiff, and as soon as the milk scalds,--that is, gets a little wrinkled on top,--drop spoonfuls of the egg on to it in little islands; let them stand there to cook just one minute, and then with the skimmer take them off and lay them on a plate.

Put the milk where it will keep hot but not boil while you beat the yolks of the eggs stiff, mixing in the sugar and beating that, too.

Pour the milk into the bowl of egg, a little at a time, beating all the while, and then put it in the double boiler and cook till it is as thick as cream.

Take it off the fire, stir in a saltspoonful of salt and half a teaspoonful of vanilla, and set it away to cool.

When it is dinner-time, strain the custard into a pretty dish and slip the whites off the top, one by one.

If you like, you can dot them over with very tiny specks of red jelly.


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